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John Wayne

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner ★★★☆☆

Attitude is Everything
Fiction – Chick Lit
376 pages
Publication Date:  January 1st 2001

Good in Bed (Cannie Shapiro, #1)28-year-old Cannie Shapiro thinks her life is okay.  Sure she is dealing with her mother coming out of the closet and her mother’s new chain smoking lover.  Okay, maybe her Dad’s hurtful words and abandoning her family wasn’t so great.  And yeah she and her boyfriend of three years were taking a break, but she’s dealing.  Life is livable, until it all comes tumbling down around her when she opens up a magazine article written by her ex telling the whole world how he courageously loved a larger woman.  Sent into a tail spin of self-discovery Cannie is put on a path to find out what really matters in life and how to leave unwanted baggage behind her.

I liked this book well enough and found it a lot more soulful than I expected.  I enjoyed Cannie and her witticism, but I did feel a sort of disconnect from her when she had her melt down at the end of the book.  Also, this book tended to get a bit long winded toward the second half.  I found the Hollywood stuff a bit farfetched and for a reader who can buy into vampires in Louisiana or Egyptian gods inhabiting the descendants of Pharaoh that’s saying something.  But on the other hand, if you go into reading it with the right attitude you will enjoy an interesting story and heroine who has a lot to say.

ISBN 0743418174 (ISBN13: 9780743418171)

A Short Break

Hello Fellow Readers,

I will be taking a short break from Whymsy Likes Book, to spend some time with my family and attend my sister-in-law’s wedding.  But never fear I shall return on September 7, 2012 hopefully refreshed and ready to share some new finds with you.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Sweet potato Queens’ Book of Love by Jill Conner Browne★☆☆☆☆

The Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love
Damn it, where’s my ice cream?
Non Fiction – Comedy – Chick Lit
240 pages
Publication Date:  January 19, 1999

Written by their leader Jill Conner Browne, this book is meant to be a humorous guide to the life philosophies of the Sweet Potato Queens; a group of Southern Belles from Jackson, Mississippi who make their annual appearance during the Jackson St. Patrick’s Day parade since the 1980s.  This group of sassy women, dubbed as the only female drag queens that they know of by Browne try to live life with gusto and purpose.

When I started this book I was ready to have a good time.  I was looking for a light, easy read with a high entertainment factor for the weekend, however, it never happened.  After a slow start I tried to keep the faith, but by page 65 my faith dwindled down to nothing.  This book was always on the verge of being funny, but never crossed the threshold.  I thought with chapter titles like: Men Who May Need Killing, Quite Frankly or What to Eat When Tragedy Strikes, I was in for treat, but I never was satisfied.  I wanted an ice cream sundae, but all I got was the bowl!

SBN13: 9780609804131